Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing - Abu Dhabi

Piercing your ears can be fun — and if you're looking for your next piece of bling, you might be looking for some ideas. If that sounds like you, the universe has led you to the right place: Say hello to the ultimate guide to the many types of ear piercing.

Before booking that appointment, though, keep these general tips in mind. First, be sure to go to a licensed professional who has experience with the type of ear piercing you want. Infections can easily happen if a piercer isn't following the proper sanitary protocols or giving you the right aftercare plan so that all the holes heal properly. Next, you'll also want to be mindful that everyone has a different ear anatomy which might make some piercings harder to get — and going to a professional will help you determine if something is truly a good fit for you.

"It’s very important that you have the proper anatomy in order for these piercings to be able to heal properly, and your piercer will be able to examine your ear and determine if you’re able to get it pierced," adds Jenn Lee, senior manager of content and community at piercing studio Studs. "If you do have the proper ear anatomy, these piercings look super-cool and add the perfect touch of ‘edge’ to any earscape."

Ear Piercing Abu Dhabi